Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.

Okay so lemme get this fucking straight,
So some kid completely ignores what all teachers say when we are kids “don’t mess around with play-weapons with cops” (like no aiming a toy gun at a cop etc.) and now we are mad at the cops?

did  you actually read the article? like actually click on the link and read the words that are in the article.  

"Hunt’s family, however, is claiming that a private autopsy shows Hunt was shot in the back numerous times, and that multiple witnesses saw him running away from the police.”

and in a couple of paragraphs down

"Both Utah and Ohio have open-carry laws, but the "weapon" in both of these cases was a toy—in Crawford’s case an unpackaged BB gun, in Hunt’s case a blunt-edged fake replica of a katana, or Japanese sword. Even if Hunt’s sword had been real, it is legal to publicly carry a sword under Utah’s open-carry law.”

now do you think the police would have been called if it was some creepy old white dude carrying around a rifle? of COURSE not!

stop excusing these racist, evil cops because they wear a badge that says they’re here to protect us. because obviously that’s not their goal. goodbye

That’s fucked up